Wounded bison attacking a man

Cave Painting c. 15,000-10,000 BC

43 in. (110 cm)

Before we could speak of a civilization with an organized agenda or concept of time, there was natural man trying to survive with the animal of nature. This caveman drew out the conflict and the fear of failing in this. Natural time is no guarantee of control and apparently things need to be organized better not to be slain by the bison of natural time. Natural time is wild, uncivilized and uncontrolled. Physical strength seems to dominate over spiritual integrity and wholeness. But not really. Even the cavemen wants to remind himself of the danger of failing before the brutal strength of nature. We have to overcome the beast of unorganized wild time. Even the Holy bible speaks of the beast in this context (in the book Daniel). From that holiness we learn that the time should be set to God's authority and not to the whim of man. Wild time or natural time is not the same as solar time from a sundial or a clock loyal to it. The latter is the order we derive our culture and peace from following the creation of God's dynamic nature. If we would only be not so wild to impose our own fixations and frustrations of bison strength against that dynamic order.

Lascaux, France