Tiziano Vecellio
Italy 1485 - 1576

Religion Helped by Spain
c. 1571

Oil on canvas, 168 x 168 cm
Museo del Prado, Madrid


In this painting the nation of Spain is presented greater than the religion portrayed as a fallen woman destitute and naked. It is during the times of reform when the state fought in defense of the catholic order of which the concept of time was about to be changed by pope Gregory to correct for the mistake of bad leaping under the Julian rule. Nevertheless would the fall of Christianity continue and pervert the nude of the religion further into a pin-up of modern advertizing the political way. The Pope, abolishing the julian order all together and thus the order of the monasterial rule that guided us through the dark ages, only contributed in this process of Christianity losing its way by the mechanizing concept of time and all it's religous and scientific reform.

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