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The disciplines are called the sadhanas in the vedic reference. They consist of the three basic disciplines of dealing with:

  • the facts - science and philosophy (vedic: brahman);
  • the discipline of dealing with the principles - spirituality and analysis (vedic: paramâtmâ);
  • the discipline of dealing with the person - the personal (religious, profane) and the political (vedic: bhagavân).

They constitute the basis for the sixfold of the six visions or philosophies of filognosy .

The three disciplines are in the filognostic confession associated with the three basic means of knowledge, the three basic elements of creation: space (ether; the impersonal) matter (the local) and time (personal in the sense of certain conditioning; kâla, akasha and prakriti).

Vedic equivalent: trisâdhana; discussed in S.B. 1.2:11''

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