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Basic mode in the game controlling at the eight levels the eight operators specific to one's i-awareness.

2: EGO
In this mode you want to defend your honor
and consider it the most important thing

1.2 Exhibiting: You are a lusty person with others.(:html:)

2.2 Acting: You are a person exercising with others.

3.2 Experimenting: You like to explore and discover others doing your duties.

4.2 Publicizing: You like to be for and act with people for the sake of being known.

5.2 Regulating: You like to settle things for people for the sake of order and the honor it gives you.

6.2 Asserting: You like to talk in order to gain in respekt for yourself and your cause.

7.2 Investigating: You love to understand people and find out about things.

8.2 Creating: You understand that control is a social phenomenon of evolution, innovation and progress.

For the game: choose here above an operator in this self-mode and surf on to your mission according your identity.

  • The vedic reference of false ego (ahamkâra), refers to one's identification with one's body or material capacity. The true of one's individual self-awareness is vedically called jiva or jivâtmâ.

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