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People associated in their devotion of filognosy. There are, according to the degree of experience or commitment, three types: the beginner, the advanced and the acknowledged or 'pure' filognostic. Even though the filognostics are usually found among the devotees of the traditions, or under the believers, constitutes the filognostic the respect for and of the integration of all the nine teachers.

After one year of associating with experienced filognostics under the lead of a pure one, may one take initiation into the status of being experienced by vowing: truthfully and faithfull I promise to share and care. One on that occasion also may receive confirmation of one's 'nick', or spiritual name, representative for ones style of associating as perceived in the filognostic commitment.

  • Vedic reference: Adhik├óri. Beginner: kanishthha, advanced: madhyama and uttama, a pure devotee.

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