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Redemption, the goal of spiritual exercises. Often associated with the concept of enlightenment. Opposing to enlightenment as being the (sometimes sudden) result of detachment (think of "a sigh of relief" when something drops away), has liberation a broader meaning in the sense of also arriving at a concept of servitude to that which brought the enlightenment. While enlightenment falling short of formulating what should replace the burden that fell away carries the danger of psychic derailing, is liberation seen as a higher purpose because of its including the idea of service to the ideal, God, the soul, the Order or the community. The concept of liberation especially pertains to realizing a relationship of servitude in the spiritual field. At the material level one speaks of attachment if the action is not subservient to the spiritual goal (e.g. watching t.v. out of 'love for the fellow men' can be a liberation, on the condition that one is, to a spiritual authority, able for a day to say no also to keeping distance that way).

Vedic equivalent: moksha

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