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Serious consideration according to a plan. Leading the mind back to the here and now. The conscious act of alignment the mind with the (values, knowledge, individual and social reality of the) soul. As with meditation a process of deconditioning is triggered, the energy released by the process is usually bound by means of exercises: prayer, bodily postures and rituals. The classical warning is that meditation without properly binding the energy in accord with the ether and its natural order of time, being released gives the danger of deranging mentally and socially. The correct binding of the energy constitutes the alternative to the abreaction which aligns the ego with the body when unleashing the energy is done without a plan.

Vedic equiuvalent: dhyana

Filognostically we speak of five forms of meditation:

1 - the meditation on the facts (here and now),
2 - the meditation on the principles,
3 - the meditation on the person,
4 - the meditation on the past,
5 - the meditation on the future.

The first form is the ultimate decisive form (see also intelligence).

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