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Operators are basic identity functions differing to the levels of abstraction and the degree of experience. There are twenty-four operators.


In this mode you are interested in personal gain.

2: EGO

In this mode you want to defend your honor and consider it the most important thing


In this mode you are attracted to knowledge.


1.1 Attracting: You are a lusty person on yourself.

1.2 Exhibiting: You are a lusty person with others.

1.3 Purifying: You are a lusty person relating to knowledge.

2.1 Sporting: You are a person exercising on your own.

2.2 Acting: You are a person exercising with others.

2.3 Integrating: You are a person exercising knowledge.

3.1 Competing: You like to perform your duties on your own and want to be the best in it.

3.2 Experimenting: You like to explore and discover others doing your duties.

3.3 Cooperating: You practice the knowledge in respect of others.

4.1 Privatizing: You like to be with others for a material purpose in a private atmosphere.

4.2 Publicizing: You like to be for and act with people for the sake of being known.

4.3 Formalizing: You like to associate with people for the sake of formal knowledge.

5.1 Educating: You help and guide people but not without their reciprocation or without results.

5.2 Regulating: You like to settle things for people for the sake of order and the honor it gives you.

5.3 Loving: You help, support and sustain people for the sake of a higher cause.

6.1Discussing: You like to talk to people for the sake of a material outcome, settlement or argument.

6.2: Asserting: You like to talk in order to gain in respekt for yourself and your cause.

6.3 Contemplating: You prefer to speak on behalf of a noble cause.

7.1 Doubting: You like to be sure of things and understand how to be successful.

7.2 Investigating: You love to understand people and find out about things.

7.3 Witnessing: You understand a lot but also like to leave things as they are.

8.1 Destroying: You are convinced that to do away with the unwanted is the best guarantee of success in life.

8.2 Creating: You understand that control is a social phenomenon of evolution, innovation and progress.

8.3 Maintaining: You are convinced that only with wisdom you can attain to the proper control.

For the game, choose an operator and find your mission in the game according your identity.


See the html-page concerning the operators at the levels page in the game.

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