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Prerequisites for running the PmWiki wiki engine:

  1. PHP 4.3 or later
    • PHP 5 or later is recommended
  2. Some sort of webserver that can run PHP scripts.

PmWiki has been reported to work with the following OS/webserver combinations:

  • Apache 1.3 or 2.0, on roughly anything (Unix, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X)
  • lighttpd (1.4.19 php-fastcgi ssl) on Linux
  • nginx (0.8.47) on Windows
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server, on Windows
  • Linux + LiteSpeedWeb Server Standard Edition
  • appWeb (a small, php-enabled webserver) executing on a Linksys NSLU2 Network Storage Link device

PmWiki has been reported not to work on:

  • Mac OS before Mac OS X because there's no PHP available
  • Specific Release Candidate builds of PHP 5.3 for Windows may not work correctly with passwords

The Standalone recipe provides a special, bare-bones webserver application that can be used to run PmWiki in places where another webserver isn't available. PmWiki can also be run from a USB drive.

This page may have a more recent version on pmwiki.org: PmWiki:Requirements, and a talk page: PmWiki:Requirements-Talk.

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