A Song of Fortune

- A modern Gîtâ -



After Dwayne and Aylen had finished their conversation, they engaged spirited and energetic in the debate. Aylen took the lead, closely followed by his four brothers. The battle between the family members lasted for eighteen days. In these days, one after the other, all their opponents were defeated. In all major states they lost their constituency. While as good as everybody in the end was embarrassed in the fray because of scandals in the past, a lack of skills and support, doubtful presentations, bad association, envy and a lack of simple, straight knowledge of facts and figures, this was not so with the well informed Aylen who was constantly advised and protected to the perfection by Dwayne's affluence, influence and personal presence. Together they left no argument or fact untouched. Basil Laborer, Aylen's archenemy, fell completely out of grace with the public because of all the foul tricks and schemes he had employed in his repressive campaigns in the past. He had to withdraw completely from politics. Blind uncle Edward lost his credibility and authority as a senior advisor and withdrew to be never seen again in public life. His life as also his destructive family attachment was over. Alex, the eldest brother became, with the support of Dwayne, the president of the newly formed world alliance. But never again the honor of the family was definitely restored. The front they had always formed, had collapsed and so did the public morality associated with it. Whereas in the old days there was an undisputed rule of truthfulness, faithfulness, sacrifice and compassion,  these values were ever since found in decay.

The break in the traditional family rule was so severe, that the close association of the dynastic religiousness of sacrifices, welfare activities, charity and public ceremonies on the one hand and the secular rule of the state on the other hand, definitely had alienated into two separate societal worlds. Aylen's grandson Sigismund, who, born with a fine intellect and character, had a keen eye for everyone and everything, and personally left no stone unturned in the defense of the righteous rule - as far as it had remained -, had followed his greatuncle Alex in achieving the presidency. That presidency was the last presidency for life in the world to be known. Because of a conflict which had risen between his rule of state and the freedom of religion and the press, he, as the last great ruler of the family, withdrew also, having fallen from public grace. He was impeached by the curse of an insulted student in defense of his father, who was a professor in philosophy ousted by Sigismund in one of his traditionalist campaigns. Where Sigismund at first had maintained that the alienated intellectuals and the priesthood were all too lax and uncommitted escapists, locked up in their own self-righteous ivory towers, he could later no longer maintain this offensive position in the mode of passion. In the end he turned out to be a staunch and devoted intellectual himself. As a scholar well versed in the political trade he wrote, after his impeachment, many books in which he defended the necessity of the classical values of the dynasty. But the integrity of these had long been lost, remaining only within the confines of the religious and intellectual, paradigmatic spheres of life. Never was the classical rule of the dynasty restored to its old grandeur, so that the common people without much honor and decency kept on quarreling in the political arena until the culture had reached the end of its synergy and a new era for the planet earth had dawned.




 2007 © Aadhar, Enschede
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