Just a dead link? Lost? For these sites no burial has been announced.

  • (JB)EC-rider.

  • (JB) China Subject Guide.

  • (JB)Mathilda- international directory made in Australia, and (JB) AAA Mathilda webaholics directory.

  • Elseviers Webgids

  • (JB) De Nederlandse Internet Encyclopedie. De grootste index op het Nederlandse Internet. Sinds 1997 ; er zoeken op regio.

  • (JB)Alrecrea zoeken in Nederland op regio: gewesten; door aanklikken van een gewestcode in de kaart of detabel volgt een startpagina voor alle informatie over het gewest en de onderdelen daarvan.: Thema's: Recreatie (zien en doen in Nederland), Museumgids Nederland , Agenda van recreatieve evenementen

  • (JB) De ICNS WWWegwijzer. Internet makkelijk zat. Topklasse links zonder franje. Voor iedereen, zakelijk of particulier.
  • Argotique Archive. A collection of esotheric texts and clipart images for free use (with a link).

  • Internet Sleuth The Big Hub.(h) : collection: search-engine and search-engine directory.
    Arts & Humanities | Business | Computers | Education | Employment | Entertainment | Government | Health | Internet | Kids Big Stuff | News | Recreation | Reference | Regional | Science | Social Science | Society & Culture | Sports | Travel |
    Find: the web specialty sites news

  • (JB) The Directory Guide TM is an extensive catalog of search engines and directories that accept Web site announcements (LinkExchange).

  • (JB) The Interlist : WorldWide's Index of Subjects. Subject guide to internet resources provided by the WorldWide Net Corporation.

  • (JB)WebVenture's Hotlist!

  • (JB) Wired Source (Wired Cybrarian) : selective directory for the essential references.
  • (Dutch) Preview Filmnieuws.
  • Betsy: zoekmachine voor domeinnamen.
  • Global Villager.International site-search-directory:
  • Freeware internet directory.
  • New Rider's: yellow pages web-directory.
  • Sideclick: Switchboard's website search directory ..
  • The Net Directory: from the american serviceprovider JVL.
  • E-directory Countries-index of searchenigines.
  • REX (directory)
  • Directory Guide The Directory Guide TM is an extensive catalog of search engines and directories that accept Web site announcements. They selected 400 that tehye believe provide the best promotion value to Web marketers. Tehy continue to review and add new listings to keep the guide current.
  • Inter-Links Internet Acces From NSU. It is an Internet navigator, resource locator, and tutorial.
  •   (Dutch) Netschool:(overzicht) leer de beginselen van het internet: leer alles over wat je met het Internet kan doen en hoe dat allemaal moet. Moeilijk? Nee. Leuk? Ja!
  • The Net: User Guidelines and Netiquette -- a few conventions one should not ignore.Arlene H. Rinaldi's set of pages on internet etiquette explain some of these customs. A quick read through these can help you avoid being "flamed". 
  • WWW-Atlas: Classified content Index on the Web: high quality internetguide with descriptions and even graphics of important internetsites.
  • Formally Terminated :Noema: the Collaborative Bibliography of Women Philosophers. The Collaborative Bibliography of Women in Philosophy is a project in collaborative scholarship with a database now containing over 16,000 records representing the work of over 5,000 women.
  • Sacred Rose Site Directory! This is a collection of sites specifically organized around spiritual and metaphysical material.Enjoy, and follow your heart!: Art and Culture(35) |Astrology | Divination | Lightwork and Healing | Media and Technology | Miscellaneous Homepages | Mystical and Unexplained | News and Current Events | Online-Communications | Other Information Resources | Products and Services | Specifically Witchcraft | Spiritual Paths.



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  • TIME
  • WebGEMS: A Guide to Substantive Web Resources: provides significant information useful to students and researchers, including short articles, longer texts, statistical data, dictionaries, directories, databases, maps, image archives, subject guides, and instructional resources.

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