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Lunation 952 equates to the Islamic month of Ramadan (9) 1420
Lunation 952 equates to the Hebrew month of Tevet (4) 5758

N.B. These times are set to GMT / UTC.
To find your proper date of moon-scheduling (with a precision of 15 minutes) you have to
add (East of it) or subtract (West of it) 4 times X minutes
with X being the longitude of your locality from Greenwich.


 A.D.2011 / 2764 A.U.C.

all times are universal time UTC (Greenwich Worldtime corrected)

Lunations of previous years

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*: To the ancient roman calendar the last quarter Nones were not counted
but held as a continuity of days after Ides, thus not making such a neat lunar 'week'order
as presented here. Nor were 'legal' and 'illegal' days as fixed to them
as suggested. ( see also: roman calendar).
The roman calendar used after the julian reform of 51 BC was no longer lunar but solar,
although for three centuries it maintained solar Ides and Nones
(as did the christian monasteries long there after, see also


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Sun, Moon and the New World Order

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