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The government is like a crazy farmer: he sows peace but doesn't want to harvest the wisdom.

When time is relative and one clock can measure differently relative to the action of another one, how then can one say that time doesn't go backwards relative to the clock staying behind? (those are progressing in time who stay behind).

The problem with the Germans is that it takes a while before you can laugh about the Great Victory.

God is what you say when you don't believe it.

God isn't stupid, dead, sick nor cheating you, He's just forgotten so now and thenwith that effect; and don't blame his representatives for it.

Be sure that God is your intelligence. believe in it.

God is the integrity of knowledge, thats why He is a person, just like we are

God doesn't pay beyond the dole, the satisfaction is the reward.

The more you leave the planet, the more backwards you go

Probably the genius gets crazy when he tries to be normal. (But he's not sure about it.).

The only virtue of the genius is his enthousiasm.

..And they say they don't believe in God... but I àm not God , not at all!

The true genius is a normal person.

The difference between gnosis and rationalization is the uncertainty of identity.

The basic idea of God is what you say to yourselves and religion is there to believe yourself.

It is the duty of the government to take care for the ease of procuring money (how to be holy if it is difficult to procure money?).

The problem of genius is to stay ahead of one's own understanding.

If the gladiator tells the politician that he needs an army to look the enemy in the eye, then what is the future of politics?

If I see greatness as being more than just a vision and a dream, I need glasses for seeing things too big.  

Young scientist: is the force of gravity inside or outside?




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