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With a fixed idea (idée fixe) one tries to keep culturally what one missed in nature.

Illusion: you can naturally never agree about something that does not exist naturally (like a weekorder that is not leaped to nature; corollary: a cultural agreement is an illusion).

Fight with others against illusion, not with illusions against others.

Life is an illusion, but not when you have to stop.

Intelligence to the psychologist means that you know more than others, but to God it means that you know more than yesterday.

You're stupid when you think you're intelligent, you may know intelligence.

Sometimes you realize you're intelligent when people laugh about you.

Nothing obliges more to a sane mind than a low income.

Indians are people whom you can master if you take them seriously.

India the biggest democracy? It can be bigger!

The show of intelligence goes at the cost of maintaining it.

The danger of intellgence is that you don't need it when you are intelligent (or that it's not your own).

Intelligence, the more you manage to sell it, the smarter you become.

If you become the illumination, you're all in the dark.

Once you solve the problem of identity, you also solve the problem of unemployment.





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