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Language is at its nicest when children are playing with it, because then we know how it really should be.

The law of order: you have to work for it.

'Lord of War' is the wrong movie (should be history).

The Lord: the best of you staying ahead (All I pray for my Lord is that You realize what is Yours).

The sinner keeps laughin' until the Lord does His duty.

To be the norm of all, is that leadership and if not, then what is that leadership?

Why people want to learn the lesson they know already is a mystery to me.

If the philosopher is the better politician, then who would be the greatest liar?

Liberal capitalist, socialist,... you cannot cut a cow in two and milk it.

Loyalty concatenates.

Lonelines is the result of materialism, a self-preference making too little out of too many, and disgust is a failure of timing; the offer lands in the wrong stomach.

Is logic the denial of it's necessity?

Loneliness: the definition of illusion.

The Lord is the one guy that is not joking.

As a demon compared to Him, you always feel cheated when you've met the Lord; that's because he mirrors you so perfectly.

The Lord: my grace as a believer, my punishment as a disbeliever.

Who am I to tell the Lord what form He should take?

Love is not as good when you look for it.

Your love for God must always be bigger than the love of others for you.

It is better to have loved and lost than not being able to get out of it.

Lust makes you unaware of the love you need.

The Lord is like the hand to the fingers that we are and the religion is the glove.

Wishing to attain is wishing to lose if you're there already.





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