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If I maintain to the maintainer, then the maintainer will maintain to me.

Mathematics is the effort to stay simple, but no one believes in it.

When your mind is too big for your ego, you're ripe for the internet.

The mammon is known by the Bible: Matt. 6:24, Luke 16:9&endash;13, (The word is from the Aramaic 'mamon' meaning 'riches.')

The problem with mathematics: you have to explain it and even more: why it works.

Mathematics: isn't that the effort to be indiscrete with variables that are supposed to vary only relative and not to themselves? (knowing that no variable can be a real absolute constant to itself, composed as it is, in a relativistic and dynamic universe).

Life without circular reasoning is meaningless.

Nothing as good a memory as the universe itself.

The only proper mathemathical formulation: A =/= A (they take another place).

If each millonaire would be obliged to sustain (pro deo) one poor man - without expectancy of return - for each million he has, the whole problem of the distribution of wealth would be solved (and also should rich countries sustain the poor countries to a likewise key of distribution).

It is not always the mind that knows (nor the nose that minds).

I'm always finished talking, it's just the mind that doesn't know....

Marriage: the one joke you never understand.

The body, a dog, but who is the master?

When the master has died he comes to the pupil.

If masturbation would lead to a good sex-life, then why didn't it work?

The mouth talks to the hand feeding (de mond staat naar degene die hem voedt)

Internet Madness: once you get hit by the windmill...

War separates people; now we have the media to separate us.

Meditation is mainly not doing it anymore.

Memory works on recognition.

The Moon: leap it or weep it (Ned.: schrikken of schrikkelen).

Mozart horend zei de filosoof Rousseau: ik maak mijzelf van Kant, en toen werd het Nietzsche met hem. (learn Dutch)

Als de Japanner Mozi zegt: de oorsprong, de geldigheid en de toepasbaarheid vormen de toets voor een opvatting, heeft hij het over kennis en niet over boeken. (When Mozi says: the origin, the validity, the applicability constitute the test for an opinion, he is talking about knowledge and not about books).

The more you invest in the military, the more you need them.

The true miracle is understanding how it works.

Let the miracle of life happen upon you, but don't think you're the wizzard.

Modern Time is nothing but an intellectual depression in causal confusion.

All that modern people need is a socket (or a hole in the market).

Any money you take for yourselves beyond the level of social security makes you a slave (and it doesn't make a worldorder that is secure for all).

If You have money, you have to work for it.

The glory of the lunar culture is probably a headache, but still it holds.

Did I fall in love because of the Moon or did I find the Moon because I loved?

All writers are jealous with the Moon (there's no fix but the moonfix).

When you find happiness in mourning, you are lost to the world.

The more music you make, the smaller the chance she will like it. Corollary: that is why all religion makes music.

If you let others hear your music, never tell you composed it.

If intelligence is founded on morality and the results of science thus contain a moral precept, then what is modern physics proposing with the supposed constancy of lightspeed?

If the message could be only the message, then it wouldn't be such a mess-age.

If Misery is the desire to get rid of it, then is happiness the joy of keeping it.

Mâyâ is something between me and the Lord.

Music mainly looks for solutions for problems created by itself.





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