Pamphlet for a New Energy Policy




We have to arrive at a new energy policy, a policy directed at a more sustainable form of winning energy. For that purpose we have to understand which forms of renewable energy there are: we may choose between a direct winning of energy from the primal source and the indirect winning from a mediating, materially identifiable medium like the sun, the wind or water. A new energy policy delivers us a new way of thinking, a new way of dealing with time, space and matter: another paradigm which is not directly understood or accepted. The new, fourth generation inventions concerning the direct winning of sustainable energy demand a clear formulation of that new thought perspective. This alternate vision we find in Einstein's concept of the relative ether, or the distortion of spacetime we rather speak of today, which is applicable to these inventions. The societal success of such a new energy policy depends upon the different considerations of order concerning the economy, state politics, science and religion. In conclusion may be spoken of a new syncretic approach of loving the knowledge which makes man human: filognosy as the unitary term for all areas of knowledge concerned with the new physics paradigm of the ether physics model .



1) The necessity of a new energy policy

2) Two forms of sustainable energy

3) The paradigmatic conflict

4) An invention: to think with one's hands

5) The paradigm of the relative ether

6) Four considerations of order

7) Conclusion | Notes | Links | Essential (Video)Documentaries | Books

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