There is a gameplan that will reveal all the secrets of the construction, but it is only available for scientific researchers and professionals. To obtain this plan one will have to consult the webmaster at the proper time in his chatroom at The Order of Time.
A cheat for recognizing deathmode: never pick an option that changes more than one parameter of the game (except for the vocation of guidance that can change identity at the same time with changing mode, operator and level). Like with a normal computer you also crash in deathmode if you change two parameters at the same time: you also think linear like a computer and have to decide what the direction is you are working for. Think: one thing at a time. Exception to this rule: regression at the same level changing identity as well as mode is no death mode. This means you can start at a high mission of e.g.wisdom on a certain level and then develop ego and selfhood without deathmode. Or you begin defending your honor and then act selfish. These are legitimate regressions based on having confessed to a higher commitment. They can have the side-efeect of confusing you temporarily though (like falling in love without dropping out) because you might have changed more than one parameter in regression. Therefore: be cautious in regression in general and beware of changing levels in regressive operating.
A cheat against regression: go back on your browser as soon as you notice that the mission numbers decrease.
The smoothest, safest form of progress is to stick to a level and then hold on to the status: thus the most dynamic identity is achieved (but the slowest progress): only for people certain of their soul.


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