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The cakra-order, the order of the 'wheel' of the universe, is the order defined by the order of the sun, viz. the gregorian calendar with its dates divided in 12 solar months and twenty-four fortnights of fifteen days at the one hand, and the order of the moon as defined by the signal days of the lunar phases at the other hand. Part of this order is the Tempometer, the clock running to the sun. The cakra-order defines the consciousness that is called natural. It opposes the consciousness that is cultural, or defined by the counter-natural rhythms of the linear week and the standard time clock that together in a materialist philosophy of life on pragmatical, economic grounds defy the principle of leaping as applied to the solar year and month. The cakra-order is fundamental to the balancing of ones life in the fields of action and the countering of the instability of one's time awareness or one's psychological time.The cakra-calendar displays the week order as set to the sun, next to the order of the moon.

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