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The Wiki for the Game of Order

Only with reason the original person can be awakened.
Vyâsadeva, Bhâgavata Purâna 3.26: 62-70

The Game of Order: an apollonian dream of the Filognostic Association; Play a real-life game and discover your hidden potential, mastery, talents, true identity and destiny.

Choose a degree, pick a level, and explore an identity
to find your mission and progress to operations in another mode of consciousness.

To the order of time and society for the personal there is the question of identity. This identity differs in experience and commitments. More than that it is more or less materially involved at different levels of transcendence. All the different identities to age and vocation make to these modes and levels different missions in life and assignments of work. Also one can have a certain style of playing this personal game of identity to time: one goes fast, one clings or balances to a moderate style. Participate in developing the pages of this wiki and see all of this complexity simple and clear 1.

Getting Started

Identities, Levels and Modes are the main chapters in this game. The pages thereof in this wiki can be modified, so that the users may reflect their experience and comments with this game. Especially at the pages of one's life mission one may make one's contribution. See also the Game FAQ. To play the game pick an identity, a mode or a level to get started and surf on from there to find your life mission. (The fundamental setup of the Wiki-version of the game is still under construction, see the html-pagines)


People in modern time can be very uncertain or become very uncertain about who they are and what their life's mission would be. This game is intended to help people to realize themselves and their mission in life. With this Wiki one is also offered the opportunity to help others and share one's own progress through actively contributing to and moderating the pages of one's life's mission.

Basically the game is there thus to develop and/or strengthen one's self-awareness and so to have a good time of living together and being alone. The basic motive is to counter the four syndromes of materialism. Materialism is fought with the spiritual knowledge of filognosy of which the purpose is to arrive at a better (more conscious, conscientious, interactive, just, righteous, peaceful, responsible, civilized, welfaring, nondestructive, creative, progressive, spiritual, hopeful, liberated, aspiring, inspired, respectful, loving etc.) humanity and ultimately a worldorder that does justice to the complete diversity of not just our human nature.

It must be clearly understood that the filognosy of this game is of a predominantly nonprofit oriented internet platform The Order of Time (apart from some .com book selling maybe) with no specific political, therapeutic or religious confession. The oppositions of politics, the inequality of the therapeutic relationship and the ritualism of the religious are not the objective (although they temporarily can be a means to an end). The purpose is to serve the independent mature self-realization of each individual in an also scientifically responsible manner and thus attain to a better world. Even though there can be formalizations of a social nature with The Order of Time like with the game, it must always be remembered that the (restoration of the respect for the) ecological regime of the natural order is the ultimate objective of such a formalization and that it is built upon the individual regime of the free selfrealizing individual.


The game was conceived in the late nineties of the twentieth century according the need to have a clearcut practice with the filognosy as developed with The Order of Time. One could say that the game is the practical application of the vedic concept of reform to settle the order for the all too materialistic and impersonalistic postmodern time of society. It entails a practical time reform, a conscious [[ether|ether policy and a balanced, filognostic approach of the ego of man identified with and divided to the civil virtues in the fields of action.

Rules of the Game

Playing this game always think of:

  • Respect the truth, no escapism.
  • Be faithfull, do not abuse or cheat.
  • Share what you have, do not gamble on any profits.
  • Respect all living beings.

Breaking one of these rules will sooner or later make you a loser of the Game of Order. See also the prayer and the principles.

Do you have questions? Check out the Game faq, or loo around in the differerent categories.

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