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Degree of experience/commitment: According the three modes (guna's) of nature, there are three degrees of experience and commitment. First of all has one with acquiring experience in one's emancipating with the Game of Order the self of the body, then has one an ego of identification and responsibility therewith, and following is there the soul or the wisdom of the intelligence and the experience. The self is of slowness and ignorance with the material or the consciousness therewith, the ego is there of being creative, is there of the knowledge and the self-realization of order with the movement in nature, and the soul comes in view with maintaining oneself and the goodness being liberated in the principles of humanity. Experience is known as a certain degree of commitment: one is either an aspiring beginner, and advanced person or a person acknowledged as being experienced and wise. Filognostically is there in the linear substantive reasoning to the person (purusha) first the creativity of the ego (philosophy/science), then the self-realization in the enlightenment of meditation (analysis/spirituality) and then the wisdom of respecting the person with a certain comment (religion/politics). Normative liberated reasoning to dharma is there in the Game of Order another logic of reasoning; then one goes from person to ego to self-realization (see also causality).

  • The vedic equivalent is called: guna's.

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