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Intelligence: in short the sum of experience. Psychometrical it is the level of accomplishment relative to that of others with the same age. Spiritually it is the ability to align with the interest and values of the soul. From this the definition of stupidity is derived: it is stupid to defy the ideal.

With the intelligence as a form of, a kind of, discrimination, we speak in filognosy of three main types of intelligence:

a) the internal intelligence of the fields of action associated with the different parts of the brain,
b) the external intelligence associated with the fields of action in the outside world and
c) the integrative or filognostic intelligence relating to the different forms of logic and causality.
* And thus we have internally:
1 - an intellectual, abstract-intelligence of the gray cells, the cortex,
2 - an emotional-motoric intelligence of the lower centers,
3 - a perceptional intelligence of the back-brain,
4 - an intelligence of the personality and the initiative which is frontal and
5 - a spacial intelligence, or the spacial ability, which is of the right hemisphere and rather "macsculine" and parallel, and
6 - a language-capable intelligence wich is of the left hemisphere and rather serial and "feminine".
* Externally we then have:
1 - a material, practical intelligence of math and dexterity in endeavoring,
2 - a moral or religious intelligence of liberation in individual self-responsibility,
3 - a spiritual intelligence which is of enlightenment associating in unificiation and
4 - a socially concrete intelligence which is more of the ego living to its lusty nature to have a good time.
* To the integration of the intelligence we then also have, epistemologically:
A) the ''six forms of filognostic intelligence associated with the six views of the logic to the disciplines and the causality, together with
B) a seventh, viz. the constructive intelligence, which is evolutionary or emancipatory and stands for an simultaneous evolution of all the views of the intelligence. (see logic)
C) Further there are epistemologically also the, from a material perspective, non-valid forms of intelligence which represent the five forms of meditative intelligence: the three basic views which are the positive-formative, enlightened-normative and liberated-substantive ones that each for themselves confirm their own disciplinary reality with a separate type of intelligence, together with the into the two forms of constructive, evolutionairy logic decayed intelligencies of: 1) an intelligence directed at the past, or a retrospective intelligence, and 2) one standing for the meditation on the future, viz. a so-called prospective intelligence.

With all these forms of intelligence evolved in a balanced manner one may be very intelligent in a filognostic way, but still be af an avergage score with an achievement directed intelligence-test.

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