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Thinking/thought/mind: The inner or psychic weighing of interests or insights, with auditive or visual, personal or impersonal, concrete or abstract, mental images or cognitions according a certain logic or methodical order of consideration, a paradigm or a certain causality; to engage one's reason or mind; imagined communication; association of concepts or mental images with or without ruminating and musing to direct it for the sake of a result, a solution, a difference, an agreement or a causal connection; the mental direction for the body from certain motives, or else the response to sensual stimuli. The result, in the form of internally perceived sounds in the ether, based on one's identification with the body, or the false ego. The result measurable in brain activity of the not in the here and now being oriented or situated of the mind. The thinking not directed, viz. the thinking that is not time-conscious meditating, contemplating, or else god-consciously praying, runs, attaching itself to material matters, with the desires belonging to it into thoughts of lust, anger and fear, after which, with the resultant bewilderment of the mind, a state of illusion finds its existence and thus a loss of intelligence can be found. Thoughts may also surface in one's consciousness as a consequence of the release of, the recall of, repressed or forgotten memories, of as well intuitions as experiences. The forsaking of desires will only lead to peace if it is directed for the sake of a certain form of service to the interest of the soul. According rational philosophy constitutes the occurrence of inner thought the proof of a personal existence.

According filognosy can one's thinking, next to the before mentioned, also be a form of perception in the sense of receiving impressions or intuitions from the input of a sixth sense, a basic element of existence close to the connecting element of the ether, which, with or without mantras functioning in correspondence, constitutes a basis for spiritual unification (mantra is vedically derived from manas en trâyate: to free the mind).

  • Vedic reference: 'manas.

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  • emancipation in which the authentic and selfresponsible thought process is in fact the end result of the ninefold form of progress trough its stages of the climbing up to and serving of the true self.

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