- To add to and edit this wiki is reserved for members of the Filognostic Association only. In order to contribute to this wiki one therefore first of all has to become a member of the FA (free of costs) and next file for a password to get access to the edit function of this Wiki.
- The basic editing page describes how pages must be made.
Peculiarities to remember with one's editing: centering and right aligning of text requires the positioning, in a previous line, of an indentation sign ->. This is not needed thus when the previous text was indentated already. Paragraphs with a page-break division [----==] will only run at the right side around an image (% lfloat %) when the header is not represented with a double exclamation mark, but with a dubble plus sign between square brackets instead. In order to center in a text a line without making an empty line, one must place two vertical stripes before and after the text whith an empty line before.
- With a minimum of four dashes ---- behind each other from the beginning of a new line creates a horizontal line.
- In this Wiki one may use the common html-markup for tables.
- Below the editbox, shown when one clicks on edit (right above), are in short the rules presented for editing. There are as yet no GUI-buttons available in the edit boxes for the page breaks.
- This Wiki uses no database, but depends on one's browser memory. When one edits a page can the browser limit be exceeded when too much back and forth switching takes place between the functions. Thus may edit-data be lost. Therefore it is wise to keep one's edit mark-up in a separate text file.
- The pages one makes cannot be too long. This Wiki will refuse to display the content in that case.
- For more advanced editing please go to the Documentation Index.
- A new page can be created by making a link to that page: two square brackets left and right around the title for that new page, and next click on it. Following that the page can be given content. The name of the page may have no special mark-up signs (like (like ¨, ^, ~,´, etc.). One may also below in the box for a new page fill in a title and next edit the page, but in that case one must take care to link that page up somewhere or else it is an orphan no one can find. (:newpagebox:) One can also create a new page by simply typing in the url for it in the url window of one's browser.
- With the tags '*bold*' and '~italic~' markup, one creates bold and italic, but this can also be done with the the first two guibuttons adding the tags '''bold ''' and ''italic''.
- With the tag (:redirect Eng/Targetpage status=301 from=Departurepage:) in the page one makes an automatic redirect.
- With the linktag toot:file/page.html one creates a link to; the same with bh: (to, wikip: (to and vh: (to These are presets, other external links need the full url.
- With the tag [^#^] at the bottom of the page, you can add a footnote or list of numbered footnotes.
- To embed a mp3 music file you can link to external files:
* %embed% https://URL/audio.mp3 %%  -OR-
* %embed% [[https://URL/video.mp4 | link text ]] %%  -OR-
* %embed% [[ | Just For Laughs clip]]%% 
Initial dimensions of the embedded frame are height 315px, width 560px. You can specify custom dimensions in the wikistyle markup: %embed width=100pct height=400px% %% If you specify height=auto then the height will be automatically set so that the dimensions of the frame are in the 16/9 ratio (useful with width=100pct when the width is not known). See further here
- With % newwin % (without the spaces) before a link one opens a new browser window.
- Load your own images (up to 50 kb): click on attach (see above) and next load the image from your own computer. Following link it up with Attach: nameoftheimage.ext. Images in another group need a reference in the link to that group. See further the images page.
- One may exercise with this in the Sandbox.
- More info is available at the Home page for this type of wiki.
- Via wiki-info presented in the sidebar to the left is there more info about this wiki.