" Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

George Santayana

The idea of The Internet Cemetery was born out of the need to preserve offerings on the internet once their webmasters and/or sitemanagers are not able to maintain them anymore. Without the historic concept of the service of a cemetery it is not possible to retrieve a service or a person that has been lost and given up. To the non-existence of a site that once was can be said that it is in conflict with the purpose of the human soul not to be able to remember, learn and be inspired from the knowledge of what has been done, why it came to an end , who did it and how the respect could and or should be continued. Furthermore it seems to be of psychological relevance to the human deathdrive to be able to finish one's activities and recognize the limits of manifestation. Thus a cemetery can even be a source of great joy.

Practically this means that

There is a directory of sites that have 'died', but are possibly still maintained elsewhere on other servers. There is the lost and missing site list: the sites on this list turned out to have ceased to be on these addresses and are missing (changed address, where terminted without notice etc.) Please check this list out and e-mail your findings on whether the site(s) still exist or has changed its name and appearance beyond recognition. Sites that changed their address, but do no longer want to maintain their redirect pages can submit them at : The Linking Library submit page of The Order of Time (some relevance is required to get ones registration at this directory).

Secondly there is the possibility of reporting a burial of a site, announcing for a 'mourning'-period of time before the termination of the living service of a site.

This routine of termination has the double function of:

1) Giving people the chance to know what is disappearing from the net and where its resting place would be.

2) Giving opportunity to take over the function of the service once offered.

After this mourning-period the site can be maintained freely accessible to the common surfer for an certain period of time -for as long as there is public interest and goodwill- after which the site can be compressed in a Zip-file and be archived with a small description - a 'tombstone'- for free downloading.

Trough sponsoring all these services can be for free.

The concept of the Internet Cemetery was born purely out of the Filognosy of The Order of Time to serve the interests of the soul. Anyone seriously interested in this concept of service is kindly requested to send an e-mail to The Internet Cemetery:




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