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To advance in the game: choose an identity operator or choose another level.

''Association with those engaged in sense gratification,
is the cause of the cycle of birth and death,
but the same thing of acting in ignorance leads,
in association with a saintly person, to liberation.''
Vyâsadeva S.B. 3.23: 55

Lust is the love that's not regulated, it is often the drive to have the direct, unrestricted satisfaction of a need, it is doing what you want, wherever and whenever you want. To the game of order this lust requires regulation so that we may speak of true and lasting love, so that we have our things under control, so that there is appetite and not voracity e.g., so that there is sport and not violence e.g., so that one enjoys and is not addicted e.g., and so on. So is the first level the level where one arrives at the regulation of these lusty desires. These one has under control by clinging to the rules of the vow and the human values in accord with the cakra-order. This takes place especially in the field of action controlling the false ego.

The identity operators at this level

As for the self interest: attracting

In the beginning, being young, one can be rather physical and desirous to build a life, and for that purpose one attracts others. For one needs friends and acquaintances.

As for the ego: exhibiting

Attracting others is it more and more of importance to present oneself nicely. Thus one not only pays attention to outer looks, but also does one's best to be integer.

As for the wisdom: purifying

This beginners level means that one struggles with the vow of filognosy to be pure in this matter by not committing a lie, not to cheat, not to steal and not to aggress. Lying gives illusion, cheating brings grief, stealing brings poverty and agression brings destruction. Being an adult the purifying takes the form of being a good human being: you're non-violent, truthfull, non-possessive and do not steal, and being of penance you are prepared to live celibate and be of sacrifice, even in case you're married.
  • Vedic reference: kâma

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