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The Order of Time is of reticence concerning the use of names. For that reason is at many pages the author's name replaced by a pseudonym or an initial with a link on it, or are only names mentioned of saints and other renown persons. At times it does happen that names and all are mentioned. With the use of names we run into the ego of people. We don't want that ego to be in the way of the content; that people turn away because their favorite person is not mentioned or that a person is mentioned against their liking. In the end it is of course more the content than the package we're interested in, even though the medium seems to be the message at times. Respect for the person stays in principle a matter of confidentiality. It is something highly personal who your favorite incarnation of God or your favorite philosopher would be, or your favorite politician, movie star, saint or scientist. It's all fine and o.k. that respect. but this or that respect for a person or school of learning, sacred or not, mustn't lead to conflict and estrangement. Thus are here the book 'The Other Rules ' and the article 'The Dream' mentioned with the pseudonym T.H.E. Servant. The identity of the person contributing may at first be hidden, although a list of names of people sympathizing or friendly inclined with the Order of Time is present, and under the section personal names actually can be retraced sometimes.

Each who wants to contribute will have to accept that he/she eventually will only be represented with his initials and/or with a link. Especially in the Linking-Library and in discussions do personal matters find their place. Anyone who despite these considerations wants his name to be removed from the library or elsewhere on this site, is requested to contact the Order of Time. People discovering that a text of theirs was offered without respecting the copyrights or otherwise, can file a complaint and as they like have their text removed after due proof of ownership. About actively contributing one may contact the Order of Time by e-mailing us via feedback.

© The copyrights of the materials at this site are settled thus that each may use and copy them freely, provided it is done without a profit-motive. Commercial use of our materials requires (except for the timetables and the color-code) always formal consent though.