Design 1: 'Stardate Tempometer' (cakra timer)

Further arguing in favor of this clock is given troughout the entire site and specifically at the Full calendar of Order science department for correcting one's clock by hand, the political department on dualism and in the Filognostic Manifesto as also in the second part of the article "The Dream", the article on religious time, with more argumentation in the book "The Mirror of Time". For a start of the argument see About The Order of Time.

See discussion for a public discussion about it and the sofware design for practical data. From the index of The Order of Time one can search further for specific subjects.

Design 2: Status-oriëntation colorcode

The how and why of this code is explained in the book "The Oher Rules" troughout the text and at ch1.r especially. About this a summary is given here next to the graphic representation of the outlook of this dress and/or colorstyling.

Design 3: The Internet Cemetery

The concept and practical consequences are discussed for an archive and directory of sites no longer 'alive'. To the cemetery there is a list of lost or missing sites. THIS DESIGN IS OPERATIONAL SINCE 15-JAN-2000.

Design 4: Order on the Internet

To the home-directory called the Linking Library, a selection has been made of quality resources. Originally designed as a reward-system called the I.S.A., the Internet Services Award, has finally been decided to a more modest but as practical selection of resources centering on the humanities at the one hand, but openness to the interest outside of that also. THIS DESIGN IS OPERATIONAL SINCE MAY-2002.

Design 5: The Electronic Book-Reader (E-Bookman)

A design is offered to handle Zip-files stored on floppydiscs to read HTML-pages off-line without the necessity of using a computer. It is a hand held device to read floppy-discs as easy and comfortable as books are read meanwhile offering many advantages. It can replace the existent books in print.

Design 6: Intelligent Pulse-driven Magnet Motor part 1-5 (Dec. 2007)

Explanation on YouTube video of a magnetic motor principle, which is a combination of Hamel's principle for magnetic spin and Bhaskara's en DaVinci's gravity wheel designs. This magnetic flywheel requires a minimal intelligent impulse to run with speed, and may thus, in harnessing the negative energy, the gravitons of the ether or the zero-point or vaccum energy if you like, lead to overunity devices, UFO-like anti-gravity with higher speeds or even dimensional shifting with superspeeds (time-machine), and thus add to the solution for the world's energy and transportation problems. Reference is made to the work of Howard Johnson, John Bedini and Tom Bearden (see also article - in Dutch - about free energy).

Later development: "IPMM MAN-device for the proof of magnetic overunity"

MAN stands for Magnetic Alternating Non-device. A device not running on a material input. Video shows further development of the experiment into the possible operation of a Intelligently pulsed magnet motor. A feedback loop has been realized and the operation is demonstrated. Properly tuned should this setup deliver a selfrunner which proves magnetic overunity as the result of the replenishing from the vacuum of the by the mechanical setup in a loop stressed magnetic fields.over-unity, overunity, experiment, proof, science, selfrunner, free energy, vacuum energy, zero-point energy, ZP-energy





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